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ashley: stocks have turned on a dime. breadth is improving rapidly. what an interesting day. at one point all dow 30 components are in the red. buyers stepped in the last 20 minutes or so. 26 of the 30 still in the red. good afternoon, everybody. i'm ashley webster. it is the last hour of trading and the "countdown to the closing bell" beginning right now. stocks are down in a fourth day in a row but well off the lows. the dow off 62 points of the trying to make a comeback. we got word members of the house are reconvening sunday night at 6:30 p.m., boostings opt that deal gets done by year-end the dow up, well, down half a percent but certainly up from the lows. s&p down half a percent. same story on nasdaq. russell 2000 down .8 of a percent. harry reid's comments setting the tone early. when he spoke the markets
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tanked. the senate majority leader said nothing is happening in budget talks and looks like the u.s. is heading for the so-called fiscal cliff. he compared it to the ball dropping on new year's eve dropping on times square more ominously. more from the nation's capitol. in terms of industry groups and what is not working we start with financials. they're the biggest drag. money center banks like bank of america down 1 1/4%. goldman down 1%. morgan stanley down .8 of a percent. all those stocks are under pressure. tech stocks notably weak. apple inching to the round 500 dollar level. down to 510. it was north of 700 when iphone 5 came out early september. so the bear market continues to apple. as you can see, google also down, down about five bucks on the day. ibm down slightly a .10 or
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two. hewlett-packard off today, down one 3/4%. coming up later we have a contrarian investors sees big opportunity for hp in 2013. he nailed down the move in bank of america this year. he said it was the stock to buy. he was right. stick around for what he has to say about hewlett-packard. interesting stuff. what an interesting day. let's look to the floor show. traders at new york stock exchange, the cme group and the nymex. my, oh, my. let's begin with ben willis at the newscy. -- nyse. we had some bias coming in the last half hour. >> as long as washington keeps santa claus hostage we'll continue to see this. "the santa clause" rally hasn't appeared because it has been over this fiscal cliff. kudos on fox business for the headline of story coming out of washington congress will meet on sunday this coming weekend that. is definitely took us off
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our low. we had a major rally on that. 10 handles on the s.o.p.s we watched down here. it was a painful trade there for a couple of hours. ashley: ben, very quickly up until now the market hasn't really reacted to the fiscal cliff but seems today it really sort of kicked in. did the market get it wrong up to this point? >> the fear is we may have got it wrong. market as i've been saying for a while believes in fact we will have a resolution so we will not go over the cliff. the recent commentary maybe has been there will be a patch so we'll get it done by early january. the comments by mr. reid today. the ball was thrown into his court by mr. boehner who failed with his party, the expectation was mr. reid would have something positive to say the tape sent a clear message to washington, you got it wrong and if you continue to do this. ashley: daniel, what struck you about today's session? >> it is all the nonsense in
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washington pushing around as your previous guest said. you can't make a decision. what is interesting this the third crisis we've had in our government over the past three years. we push, push it, push it to the brink and come up with something. i'm not sure we'll come up with something now. there is let more flexing. congress meeting on monday is a help thulful thing. if they come up it will be minor framework of what we see next year. we'll see where it goes from there. ashley: very good point. mike, from the nymex, what about oil today. what have we seen in the action of the oil trade? >> it is more or less follow the leader after we came out with that little stock market rally there i'm looking at the board here we're pushing highs at 91.25. it is more like a vooleyball game. who's serve is it not? it is going back and forth in washington on what kind of plan we'll come up with. i wouldn't be, the volume's been low. i don't think we'll miss a huge move. i've been saying buy 85,
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sell 90. probably drift a little higher until the end of the year and see what happens going into the new year. ashley: so much uncertainty. thank you so much, gentlemen. we have ben and daniel and mike, thank you for joining us for the floor show. >> thank you. ashley: of course the gentlemen talking about what is going on or not going on in washington, president obama returning to d.c. this morning to pick up with the fiscal cliff talks which are still underway i guess. this morning as our guests have on about talking about, senator harry reid was the latest to say, we're headed right off that cliff. rich edson on capitol hill with the latest, rich. >> good afternoon, ashley. so the senate isn't working today. there was pressure on house republicans to bring house members back. they're doing that now. this according to republican source on a conference call. house majority leader eric cantor telling republican members they should be back on sunday evening to be prepared to work. though much like the senate they have nothing to vote on right now. it is a positive sign if congressional leaders reach some type of a deal the
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house and senate will be in town to get votes on the record, but still there is no deal worked out right now between top democrats and top republicans in washington. house republicans are calling on the senate to pass their various proposals dealing with the fiscal cliff. the senate majority leader says it is up to the house to pass the senate plan. >> so i say to mr. speaker, take the escape we have left you. put the economic fate of the nation ahead of your own fate as speaker of the house. millions of middle class families are nervously watching, waiting and counting down the moments until our taxes go up. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to take the senate floor a few minutes from now. he has been saying his office has been saying throughout the day when senate democrats offer a plan, republicans will review it. so republicans are very much waiting for democrats to offer a new type of fiscal cliff proposal. democrats are saying to republicans in the house, they should just pass that bill that passed the senate earlier this year, one that
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extends tax rates for families earning less than $250,000 a year. so very much bit of a stalemate going on here in washington as we move ever closer to the deadline. back to you. ashley: my first reaction is, so what's new? >> not much. ashley: at least it is something. but the 31st is well, the very next day. >> right. ashley: if you look past the headlines about the gridlock in washington what do the fundamentals of the economy really look like? are they not that bad? and will 2013 be the year for you to make money? certainly hope so. mark luschini, janney montgomery scott analyst joining me in an fb. in exclusive. mark, thank you for being here. you are unabashedly bullish, which i love? >> i love the underlying economic fundamentals despite what is played out on the television. ashley: to that point. we're not in a fiscal cliff wrooefr in a fiscal slope. is it being overblown? >> the terminal factor that resides on 12/31 puts it
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into exclamation point for the media to put to and enlist eyeballs to the set. it doesn't necessarily mean we'll incur recession on january 2nd. we'll have time to work through ultimately a compromise i think will probably lead to one, 1 1/2% shaved economic activity in 2013, leaving positive, albeit still somewhat anemic growth for the year. but that said i still think though the certainty brought with the resolution of the fiscal cliff will lead to an uptick in business activity and consumer confidence that will help growth to accelerate through the rest of 2013. ashley: so with that in mind you say, stay strong, equities. what kind of equities? what sector. what are you talking about? >> i think you need to, ashley, first of all. equity valuations demanding. compared to the alternative there is not much in the way of competition. >> sure. >> we continue to like u.s. equities. there are pockets in the u.s. equity market that look attractive. energy particularly as well as technology, even health
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care to some degree. both for yield and investors as well as those looking for capital growth but increasingly because risks are receding on a global basis we're suggesting investors pivot to non-u.s. equities. international markets look very appealing right now. ashley: what about the targets on s&p, best worst scenario? >> we best-case scenario of 1545 on the s&p 500. ashley: okay. >> 8 t0 10% or so out of the money. ashley: right now 1414. >> it is. and that would imply mid to upper single-digit earnings growth and very little in the way of multiple expansion to get to that kind of a figure. on more optimistic case, we have 1680 out there. ashley: that is optimistic. >> well it is. it is scenario majority of probability for us but nonetheless we put it on the table in the context of us getting past the fiscal cliff, seeing increase in certainty, risk continue to abate internationally. and as a consequence earnings growth coupled with multiple expansion lead us
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to a number we think is a stretch goal but plausible. ashley: three out of 10 chance. you never know. what about worst-case scenario? >> worst-case scenario the fiscal cliff drags into well into 2013 overlay of debt ceiling issue within the first couple months of the as a consequence we get a substantive correction in the equity markets down to 1250 which we get resolution because we know our elected officials only seem to act under duress and market might lead them to do that. subsequently we get pickup in activity that leads us back to year-end figure of 1400, a little below where we are today. ashley: want to get to this. microsoft has not exactly been a great investment over the years. surface tablets, getting a lukewarm reception. pc market, you could argue is dying. what on earth makes you want to go with microsoft? >> the stock, while having had many false starts admittedly is exceedingly cheap. you're talking about a company asset rich. you know, and, generates $9
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billion of free cash flow a quarter. ashley: yeah. >> sitting on 50 billion in cash. pay as pretty handsome yield north of 3% which you expect to see continuing to increase going forward. we think because it is such a labyrinth if you will of businesses some of which are in businesses that are new like smartphones and tablets we think he have they have the ability to enure themselves to growth. ashley: thank you, mark. janney montgomery scott. thanks for being here. very bullish. the closing bell will be ringing in about 48 minutes about there. you have been there every step of the way for more than 70 years. the uso has provided support, counseling even outreach programs to america's troops and their families and yes they have a big presence in afghanistan. the ceo, sloane gibson talks about that and charitiable donations and a hero's work. that is all up next in a fox business exclusive.
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as we go to break look how some of the defense stocks are faring. ♪ .
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ashley: well guess what? deckers, the high-flyer today. the maker of ugg boots and other accessories like handbags, up about 8%, making it our power mover of the hour so what is behind this? we're looking at one-year chart. what is behind the big rally in deckers? a few things to consider. it is coming off the bottom. let's come back over here. dropped beginning of the year. trying to make a comeback. what is good? the weather. a powerful storm pounding the midwest, making its way to the northeast dumping up to two feet of snow in some areas. traders are speculating more people are going to the stores to pig up more boots, ugg boots. the uggs by the way, the number one searched product online, beating out tablets like the apple ipad. maybe they were just made a mistake on the typing came out as ugg but hey, they're doing well. lastly big short on the stock. deckers float is held by short sellers who were
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betting on lower prices when they cover their positions of course it puts upward pressure on the stock. deckers up 8.28% at this hour. let's go to nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. nicole, i'm sure you've got some uggs in the closet somewhere, right? >> actually, no. i actually don't own a pair of uggs. ashley: outrage just. >> i know. i have other loves, what can i tell you. i would love them if they arrived at my door. let's talk about the market, ashley. i really feel compelled to take a look at this intraday market here. this is market that started off with an up arrow. we had selling all day long. we thought we would hear from harry reid. then you started seeing fingerpointing. some said this is getting dirty in washington when you see fingerpointing and throwing each other under the bus. then a dramatic turnaround. it felt like we were going nowhere and be on the downside. we were as low as 12,964.
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felt like a day we were down 150 points and nothing would happen. then you get headlines lawmakers are convening and working overtime and working on sunday and wow, what a move in the market right, ashley? we cut in half those losses. it is interesting to see. people are really, really tied into the fiscal cliff and worries about washington. if you thought and you questioned it, you shouldn't because the minute that headline broke, look at that market. that's the best we've done. all day long basically since 10:00 a.m.. let's move onto the retailers, all right? i got that out of the way. i really wanted to see because even i began to wonder how tied in are the markets at this time during a holiday week and it showed you. here are the retailers. do-or-die in 2013. according to "the wall street journal" these four names are names to watch. of course we've seen jcpenney, change in management. best buy, will the chairman take over the whole thing? radioshack struggling in electronics. sears, another name right now is to the downside. these are names we will continue to watch and follow
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closely in 2013. back to you. ashley: very good indeed. thank you very much, nicole. harry reid tanking the markets earlier. but as you say they're talking again maybe in the house on sunday night. so it goes. my next guest has been the head of the nonprofit organization uso since 2008. which is a charitable organization committed to taking care of u.s. troops. sloane gibson, uso's ceo an joins me from the nasdaq marketsite where he will ring the closing bell, oh, in about 41 minutes or there abouts. congratulations on that, sloane. thank you for joining us. i know you got back from a holiday uso tour. tell me what the uso provides and why is it so important? >> well the uso's mission is to lift the spirits of america's troops and their families. we've been around for over 71 years now and we constantly change. while the mission stays the same we change and adapt to the changing needs of troops and families. so today you find us pouring a lot of support to former
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deployed troops serving in harm's way, to military families that have endured stresses of multiple deployments to wounded and injured troops and their families and to our families of the fallen. ashley: there is a lot of fund-raising that goes on this time of the year of course. how critical is it for your organization, your nonprofit organization in particular? >> well, we exist because of the generosity of the american people. some two million individual donors that contribute to us and hundreds of corporations both large and small that provide various forms of support, both monetary support as well as in kind support. we couldn't do what we do for troops and families without our very generous donors. ashley: tell me about the helping meros work program. what does that include and how important is that? >> well, particularly with wounded and injured troops and their spouses as they're facing the prospects of a transition to the civilian sector, that's a tough transition for them. and so we partner with other organizations to deliver career transition workshops
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to get them ready and then host, small, very intimate career opportunity days where they can actually meet with and talk with perspective employers to make sure they're ready when the day comes and they take the uniform off. ashley: i'm sure employers recognize the fact, sloane, that look, returning troops, they make great employees. >> they absolutely do. i think it is one of those great examples of doing well by doing good. how often do you find young men and women with that strong base of experience and responsibility that determination, to accomplish a mission, the strong leadership and experience and especially in people of that young age. it's a great thing for our companies and for our communities, to see these young men and women come back home. ashley: of course when we think of the uso, i have to mention entertainers. that is one of the hallmarks of the uso all the way back to bob hope and so on but you still get a lot of entertainers today, don't you, who love to entertain the troops?
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>> we do about 500 performances and events with celebrities every year in locations all over the year of the as you mentioned i just returned from afghanistan, annual holiday tour with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and stayed behind to visit uso centers and small forward operating bases to visit with our troops. ashley: terrific. thank you for your work, sloane gibson, uso ceo, continued success with your program, helping heroes work and thank you for joining us. >> thank you. ashley: the closing bell ringing in about 38 minutes or there abouts. talk about a contrarian play, coal stocks, yeah, they have been taking a beating. alpha natural resources down about 50% this year but a top analyst on wall street says, buy them right now and put them in your stocking for the new year. coal stocks on the bargain counter with mike of stern af. he is coming up next a fox business exclusive. ♪ .
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ashley: oil prices popping since christmas but trading volumes of the commodity have fallen off a cliff. off a fiscal cliff perhaps. well, let's go to jeff flock who is at the exxonmobile refinery in illinois. i was going to mention the name of the town, but i will let you do that, jeff. jeff: a little small town outside joliet. you're looking right now actually at something you don't often see at refiners but sometimes do, it's called flaring. it is when a refinery goes back on-line after an unplanned shutdown, they have to burn off some dangerous gases, they have to report that to the federal government because it's a potentially dangerous situation. but that danger is nothing like the danger to the oil market from the fiscal cliff. take a look sat oil today -- take a look at oil today, pulled back a little bit after the big run up yesterday.
3:29 pm
and the run up yesterday i think wasn't so much fiscal cliff, it was more mideast action, but the story really isn't so much actually price. it is volume, the lack of volume. because of the fiscal cliff, huge amounts of oil money on the side lines right now. take a look at volumes. we ran these numbers and put this together, february of 2011 it was a good month for oil, trading the average day, 934,000 contracts traded. by last month, november of this year, that was almost cut in half to almost -- well, a little bit more than half a million a day. yesterday the volume? 175,000 contracts. and today our producer just gave me the numbers, just totalled up all. 261,000 contracts today. that's still half the typical volume for december. this money is on the side lines because even though you can make a lot of money in oil, nobody wants to be hanging out there right now with the danger of the fiscal cliff overhanging
3:30 pm
everything. it's -- it's not a good time if you have got money and you want to do something with it. ashley: that's right. >> it's on the side lines. ashley: you are right. jeff in the cold. thank you jeff. thank you very much. did you end up with coal in your stocking this year? we had to use that line. coal stocks have taaen a tumble in recent times as we know, but they could be poised for a comeback in 2013. mike duda, senior research analyst is joining me now -- mike dudas senior research analyst is joining me now to talk coal. the industry as a whole has been taken a beating. maybe this cold weather is helping, we will get into that, but why do you like some of these coal stocks for 2013? >> the stocks have had a really difficult time, but the stocks have been bottoming trying to make higher lows and higher highs and starting to discount i believe some better fundamentals in the industry. two major drivers for 2013, one the pricing and direction of
3:31 pm
natural gas in united states and secondly which could be more important the recovery in china for industrial production steel consumption and that would help. ashley: nat gas was so cheap it was ridiculous and actually killed coal but those prices have come up a little bit now. >> if we get a normal winter that will increase the amount of natural gas consumed, increase the amount of electricity. the winter got off probably slower start than i think most bulls would have liked to have seen, it is picking up as well and i think that will be helpful. ashley: you're mainly bullish because the demand for u.s. coal abroad. you mentioned china, that's probably our biggest customer, i would imagine. there are different types of coal. i don't want to get too technical. >> there's two types of coal -- coal, coal used to make electricity and the coal we sell to european asian latin american
3:32 pm
utilities, that we expect to increase the demand from the rest of the world. secondly the steel making coal which is used in europe brazil and in asia and we are one of the top three exporters of that coal in the world, and as the recovery in steel production increases in asia and in europe and latin america, that should be better for demand for that coal and hopefully pricing and really benefits most of the coal companies. ashley: steel prices firming as well. >> it seems that way, yes. ashley: the epa has been tough on the coal industry. >> you have said it, yeah. ashley: does that have an impact? >> it has. you know, certainly the equities were discounting a romney victory back in november. got hit pretty hard afterwards. now the stocks are back to where it was prior to the election. in my view, there's not much more major harm that the epa and other regulation can do to the coal industry. but certainly as the economy dictates demand, electricity generation and more confidence, that will be more important than say the epa.
3:33 pm
the epa has done their damage for the most part. you can never say never but i think most of the negative news is behind coal for the epa. ashley: what companies do you like in particular? >> we talked about the thermal coal for electricity generation and metallurgical coal for steel. on the latter we look at alpha natural resources which is the largest exporter of metallurgical coal out of the united states, mass the most export capacity. on the thermal side the two names to be looking at -- ashley: you like these prices? >> yeah, they have come down quite a bit and we do anticipate a recovery in pricing over the next 12, 18 months for the commodities. and on the thermal side, consol energy and arch coal which does benefit from higher natural gas prices for higher prices for the thermal coal in the u.s. ashley: what about the future of the coal industry with the emissions standards and emission -- permits and everything? does that spell bad news as you look more long-term? >> again, i think when you look from the peak of coal consumption in 2007 to where we
3:34 pm
are today, we've dropped about 20 to 25 percent of coal consumption in the u.s. i think that's probably the most. i think going forward, it will be more cyclical demand for coal. utilities will shut down coal plants. we have seen many announcements so far, but no matter what happens, the u.s. is going to require anywhere from 35 to 45 percent of electricity from coal in the foreseeable future. so there is a future for the coal, but depending on where your coal is and how cheaply you can mine it and how you can export it will determine the success and failure of many of the companies. ashley: how far out are we talking? ten years? >> no, no, i think we can see improvements cyclical over the next couple of years. over the next five to ten years, we will see cyclical improvement but not nearly as much improvement that we witnessed ten years ago. i think the glory days of coal are probably behind them. but at these levels i still think there's an opportunity. ashley: like to hear it, finally getting a break in the new year.
3:35 pm
thank you very much. >> thank you. ashley: hewlett-packard, shares down nearly 50% this year. no one seems to like this stock. so find out why -- yeah, there are some bullish signs for hp in 2013. volatility, at a five month high. what is the smart money doing with the vix? are they piling in and betting on more upside or have they cashed in some chips? find out what the traders are saying as the countdown rolls on. suddenly, she does something unexpected and you see the woman you fell in love with. she's everything to you. but your erectile dysfunction - thatould be a question of blood flow. alis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved
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to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include heto avoid long-term injury, deseek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing orwallowing, stop taking cialis and get mecal help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial.
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>> i'm adam shapiro with your fox business brief. it is another down day for wall street as failure to resolve the budget negotiations in
3:40 pm
washington worries investors. but stocks have erased most of their losses. just in the past hour or so on news the house of representatives will reconvene sunday at 6:30 p.m. eastern. right now the dow is making a fighting chance, down only 15 points. after nearly four years on the job, environmental protection agency administrator lisa jackson is resigning. she is expected to leave after the state of the union address in january. and the empire state building is one step closer to going public. the management of the iconic skyscraper has been given the go ahead by the securities and exchange commission to allow that building to be included in a proposed real estate investment trust. empire state realty filed in february to raise as much as 1 billion dollars in an initial public offering. we continue our countdown to the closing bell with ashley webster. ashley: adam, thank you very much. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. sandra smith at the cme. nicole, to you first, this
3:41 pm
market, we were off 148 points. we have now clawed our way back all the way back. we're down just 17 points. what are you watching? nicole: it's pretty amazing when you start to see that washington and wall street are so closely tied together. what i'm watching is i'm keeping an eye on expedia, clear mover today. we know about the acquisition. and what's also interesting is you have the rating agency moody's saying that this acquisition will not hurt their credit rating. you see the stock there at 60.20. certainly a nice gain, a potential move to the upside. saying it won't affect their credit rating at all. they keep the credit rating of positive. that's good news. of course e paid yaw -- expedia, they compete with the other names such as priceline and trip advisor, but positive comments from the analysts at deutsche bank and moody's helping to keep expedia a nice winner today on wall street. ashley: thank you very much nicole. down 148, just down 8 now. we have made back 140 points.
3:42 pm
what an interesting day. it speaks volatility. let's go to sandra smith at the cme, the vix popping about 20 today sandra but pulling back a bit. sandra: that's right because throw this in with the big reversal we have seen in the last few minutes of trading now that we have got this news that they will be meeting on sunday. traders down here in the pit are talking about the dramatic reversal not only in the stock market, the commodities market. oil had been lower. it is now back above $91 a barrel and higher. gold prices have doubled their earlier gains. so the vix is one thing that we're watching right now. obviously this is a measure of volatility in the marketplace. vix futures had been seeing soaring volume in the face of this fiscal cliff. today it is no different. the vix had been higher, it topped 21 higher in the day. it has now turned lower on the session. just talking to one trader who said somebody knows something. there's optimism coming back into the marketplace right now with the announcement of that meeting.
3:43 pm
so guys when you look at the vix, remember, we haven't been at these levels since july, and as one trader just pointed out, we were 80 points lower in the s&p 500 the last time we were at these levels in the vix, so things aren't exactly matching up, and his call would be to short the vix at these levels because it's certainly high for where the market is right now. back to you. ashley: you're absolutely right. sandra smith at the cme thank you. we have juss turned positive, literally just above the water mark, now we have just gone below. you think about it, we were down 148 points. so as sandra says, maybe someone knows something about that meeting on sunday. who knows. but certainly the market reacting. the closing bell ringing in about 16, 18 minutes, somewhere in there. let's call it 17. he made the right call on bank of america when everybody else was saying dump it. founder of new generation research told clients to buy that troubled bank at the end of last year when no one else wanted in. b of a, guess what, has more than doubled since then.
3:44 pm
now, he's found another treasure in the trash, it's hewlett-packard. find out why hp could make a big move to the upside in 2013. it's coming up next in a fox business exclusive.
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ashley: what a reversal in the market. at one point today, the dow was down 148 points. at the very low. then about an hour ago, i'm going to put my glasses on to believe this, the house said it was reconvening once again sundays 6:30 p.m. boosting optimism -- optimism that maybe washington could somehow make a budget deal before the year end, which by the way is the next day monday at midnight.
3:49 pm
12 minutes left of trading. the dow just down 16 points. we turned positive about 3 minutes ago. the nasdaq also almost bringing it back to where we started the day. s&p 500 just off a tenth. russell 2000 also making a comeback. a lot more money coming back into the market on the optimism that perhaps a deal will get done in washington before the clock strikes 12:00 monday night. as 2012 does come to a close, would you have guessed a year ago that bank of america would have been the best performing stock on the dow this year? well, george putnam new generation research founder and turnaround letter editor, well he predicted it. you may want to find out what is he looking at for 2013. he joins us now in a fox business exclusive from boston. george, thank you for joining us. great call on the b of a, by the way. so this year you're calling on hp to be the turnaround stock for 2013. i mean, i have to say, look, it's been a disastrous few years for hp, the pc sales dwindling, revenue is flat, declining
3:50 pm
profits, increased debt, exposure to europe, by the way, do we need to mention the purchase of autonomy. i could go on and on. what on earth do you like about hp? >> well, hp has several things going for it both in the short-term and in the longer term, in the short-term the fact that it's down so much probably means we will see is a pop early in the year because there's been so much selling late in the year, the tax losses, portfolio window dressing that all stops january 1st and when that pressure is gone, then the stock may rise. longer term, it will take a while, but they've got a lot of the things that we look for in a turnaround situation. they have a solid business. they've got well-known brands. they've got decent balance sheet. and they have new management, which you often have to have for a turnaround. ashley: interesting. talking of management, meg
3:51 pm
whitman a very seasoned ceo, but she's been unwilling to split up this company, you know, spin off the pc side of the business. are you confident that the company is heading in the right direction? what would you like to see hp do? >> well, she's taking her time which is a good thing. i mean the previous ceos, and they have had a lot of them in the last five or six years, have come in to make a big splash, which has hurt them. she's doing the basics, the blocking and tackling, cutting costs, boosting r&d, figuring out where they can make money and where they can't, and in time, i think she will make the right moves. ashley: are you concerned about how it appears that the consumer is, you know, turning more and more to tablets over the pcs? >> well, i'm sure they will find a space there, but they are also making inroads in othee areas like the cloud, like services, like software. they've got a lot to work with, and they just need to figure out where they can make money. ashley: all right, before we let
3:52 pm
you go, i want to -- you also have nine other stocks that you see as bounce candidates for 2013. who are they and why? >> to be honest, i didn't look at my list very recently, but they're the biggest losers for this year. ashley: you like advanced micrr devices. >> again, for a short-term bounce. longer term, they need the pc world to improve. but i think they've got short-term potential. ashley: allegheny technologies, same story? >> yes, they all have basically the same story. i can't pound the table and say they are all going to be long-term winners, but over the next 30 to 60 days, i think they will do quite well. ashley: i want to get back to hp, what do you think hp has done wrong to get themselves, you know, what could they have done better? you have been on this stock since june. it's been down 38% or so since you jumped on it in june. but you still remain optimistic. >> well, there was a big
3:53 pm
surprise with the accounting problems at autonomy, but yeah, but beyond that, these things take time, and as we all know, the market is not very patient, so when they come out with poor quarterly earnings, the stock gets hit. but if you wait for the earnings to look good, the stock will have run, and you will have missed most of the gain potential. ashley: what about the fiscal cliff and what that could do to the economy, the consumer and the consumer that would buy hp products, how concerned are you? >> well, that's certainly a short-term negative. and i can't -- i can't forecast what washington is going to do, but i think over the long-term, they've got the stuff to build around that you will see the stock do pretty well. ashley: all right. that's your prediction. we will see how it goes. in 2013 for hewlett-packard, thank you, george putnam, new generation research founder. really appreciate it. thank you. >> you're very welcome.
3:54 pm
thank you. ashley: all right. closing bell rings in just under 7 minutes. restaurants could face a tough year ahead. but oppenheimer says one restaurant can beat the odds. find out which one is the bright spot for 2013. that's coming up next. ♪
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[ male announcer ] this is karen anjeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they' gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. ashley: so what is the bright spot for next year? oppenheimer says it's domino's pizza, anywhere you slice it. the stock moving higher today. right now up just about 1 1/3%, up 56 cents at 43.37. oppenheimer says look the pizza maker in a good position for
3:58 pm
2013, thanks to its same-store sales, innovation and international business, oppenheimer also raising its price target on domino's 6 bucks from 44 to 50. it's right now at 43.39. domi domino's up almost 30% for the year. it's been an amazing day. down 148 points at one point. dave asman, shibani joshi turn up and we're up 10 points. take it away. david: it is not the number. it's the turn around. about 150 point turn around. shibani: just to show you how volatile the markets are and how sensitive they are to comments coming out of washington and any advancement on the fiscal debt talks, the talk that congress is coming back to work on sunday, that turned everything around. david: let's go to nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. it was that talk about coming back on sunday, maybe working through new year's eve and new
3:59 pm
year's day that moved the market. nicole: we started off to the upside. we were slowly moving lower. we were down about 150 points. and we just stayed there. we were stagnant. all of a sudden, the headline crossed, that they were going to be working on a sunday at 6:30 p.m. and the market began to shoot back up. if you didn't think that wall street and washington weren't tied together, today you know for sure that investors are keyed in on washington. shibani: we're also watching four big retailers, great piece in the "wall street journal" today calling four retailers on a do-or-die mission for 2013. do they do-or-die a little bit today nicole? nicole: we have seen a lot of retailers under pressure. certainly they didn't do so great today. many of these names when we talk about them, they have had a tough year 2012. they really are do-or-die. you talk about management, talk about competition, you talk about how are they going to set up to win as op

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